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5 Best Electric Log Burners (2024 Reviewed)

Updated: Mar 10

As the seasons change and the air grows cooler, there's a natural instinct to seek warmth and comfort in the heart of our homes. Few things encapsulate the essence of cosiness and ambience quite like a crackling log fire. However, for those without a traditional fireplace, there's a brilliant solution on the horizon: the electric log burner.

An Electric wood burner brings the charm and allure of a real wood-burning fire into any living space while providing instant heat with a log burner flame effect. In this review, we embark on a journey to uncover the very best in electric log burners—a quest that promises to infuse your home with the warmth and ambience you crave, all at the flick of a switch.

Best Electric Log Burner

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Best electric log burner for your home

Typical Price - £189.99

Dimplex Brayford Optiflame Electric Stove

The Dimplex Brayford Optiflame Electric Stove is a delightful addition to any home seeking the charm of a traditional wood-burning stove without mess and maintenance. With its sleek and timeless design, it effortlessly blends aesthetics and function, creating a cosy ambience in any room.

The Optiflame technology faithfully replicates the appearance of a real flame, complete with the gentle flickering effect, offering an enchanting visual experience.

Installation is a breeze, requiring only a standard electrical outlet, making it a versatile choice for various living spaces. The heat output is adjustable, allowing for customizable comfort, and it even operates independently of the heating function, so you can enjoy the flame effect year-round.

While it may not be the most powerful heater for larger rooms, the Dimplex Brayford excels in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Its quiet operation ensures that you can enjoy the soothing ambience without any distractions. In sum, the Dimplex Brayford Optiflame Electric Stove is a stylish, user-friendly, and efficient choice for those looking to enhance their home with a touch of rustic elegance and warmth.

Typical Price - £199.99

FLAMME 40"/102cm Castello Slim Frame Recessed Media Wall Inset Electric stove

The FLAMME 40"/102cm Castello Slim Frame Recessed Media Wall Inset Electric stove is a remarkable addition to any living space, offering both functionality and visual appeal which creates a cosy glow.

Design and Aesthetics: The Castello Slim Frame Electric Fireplace boasts a sleek and modern design that complements various interior styles. Its slim frame and recessed installation create a seamless and sophisticated look, making it a perfect solution for a modern electric heat source.

Multi-Flame Colors: A standout feature of this fireplace is its ability to display multiple flame colours. Whether you're in the mood for a traditional orange log burner flame effect or want to experiment with the vibrant LED flame effect options, the Castello allows you to customize the flame to suit your preferences.

Heating Power: With two heat settings of 750W or 1500W heat output options, this electric fireplace provides efficient and adjustable warmth, making it suitable for smaller to medium-sized rooms. It ensures you stay warm by providing instant heat during chilly evenings.

Convenience and Control: The Castello comes with a remote control for easy operation, allowing you to adjust flame colours, heat settings, and the timer without leaving your seat. This user-friendly interface enhances the overall experience.

Typical Price - £199.99

Klarstein Bergamo Electric Fireplace

The Bergamo Electric Fireplace has an independent LED flame effect combined with resin logs creating a mesmerising display that mimics the appearance of a genuine wood-burning fire. The cosy feeling of this incredibly versatile electric fire is great value for money!

Heating Power: This fireplace offers two heat settings, allowing you to choose between a heat output of 750W and 1500W, making it suitable for heating smaller to medium-sized spaces efficiently. The built-in thermostat ensures that the room maintains a comfortable temperature, providing instant heat and warmth exactly when you need it. The two heat settings on this model mean that it will remove the need for central heating when you use this in smaller rooms inside your home.

User-Friendly Controls: The included remote control makes operating this electric fireplace a breeze. You can easily adjust the flame brightness, heat settings, and timer functions without leaving your seat, enhancing convenience and ease of use.

Safety Features: Safety is a top priority with the Bergamo Electric Fireplace. It is equipped with a built-in safety thermal cut-off device, ensuring worry-free operation during extended use. The cool-to-touch exterior also prevents accidental burns, especially important for households with children or pets.

Energy Efficiency: Like all electric fireplaces, the Bergamo is energy-efficient, providing a cost-effective and environmentally friendly heating solution. Making this a perfect choice for an electric wood burner.

Typical Price - £489.99

Dimplex Cassia Noir Large Optiflame Electric Stove

This electric stove embodies the charm of a wood burner-style stove with its black cast iron effect and realistic artificial logs. Its elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to any room, while the opening doors give it an authentic and captivating appearance.

Realistic Flame Effects: The standout feature of the Cassia Noir is its lifelike LED flame effect. The Optiflame technology creates a mesmerizing illusion of flickering flames dancing over the logs. It's a visual masterpiece that adds warmth and ambience to your living space without the need for real wood or the mess associated with it.

Adjustable Heating Power: With a 2kW adjustable fan heater, this electric stove is not just about aesthetics but also efficient heating. It's capable of quickly warming up your space, and the adjustable settings allow you to customize the heat output, making it a great heat source suitable for various room sizes.

User-Friendly Remote Control: Operating the Cassia Noir is a breeze thanks to the included remote control. You can easily adjust the flame intensity, heat settings, and timer functions from the comfort of your seat, enhancing the convenience and ease of use of your electric fire.

Safety Features: Safety is a top priority, and this electric stove includes built-in safety features like overheating protection. The exterior stays cool to the touch, preventing accidental burns, which is particularly important in households with children or pets.

Energy Efficiency: Electric stoves are inherently energy-efficient, and the Cassia Noir is no exception. You can enjoy the cosy warmth without worrying about excessive energy consumption.

Versatile Placement: Its freestanding cast iron design allows you to place it in any room, providing both warmth and a striking visual centrepiece. Its portability allows for easy installation, you can simply plug the burner into a nearby plug socket.

Typical Price - £64.99

Warmlite WL46018C Stirling Portable Electric Fire

It convincingly mimics the gentle flickering and movement of real flames, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere in any room. It's a visual masterpiece that adds warmth to your living space, even when the heating function is off.

Efficient Heating: With a powerful 2000W heating element, this portable electric stove delivers efficient and adjustable warmth. The adjustable thermostat allows you to customise the temperature according to your comfort, making it suitable for smaller to medium-sized rooms. It's a reliable and convenient source of heat during chilly weather and will remove the need for central heating in small areas.

User-Friendly Controls: The Stirling Electric log burner is designed for easy operation. It includes adjustable heat settings, allowing you to find the ideal level of warmth, and the overheat protection feature ensures safety during extended use.

Portability: Its compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to move the Stirling Electric log burner from room to room, offering versatile heating wherever needed. Another benefit of this model is that unlike other models this electric stove comes in a variety of colours.

What Makes a good quality electric log burner?

A good electric log burner, also known as an electric fireplace or stove, should provide functional heating and aesthetic value. Here are key factors that make a good electric log burner:

  1. Realistic Flame Effects: The visual aspect of an electric log stove is crucial. Look for a model that offers a realistic flame effect. Modern electric log burners use advanced LED technology to mimic the appearance of real flames, including flickering and movement.

  2. Adjustable Flame and Heat Settings: Good electric log burners should offer adjustable settings for both flame intensity and heat output. This allows you to create the ambience you desire, from a cosy, flame-only effect for visual appeal to a combination of flames and heat for warmth.

  3. Heating Capacity: Consider the heating capacity of the electric log burner. It should be capable of efficiently heating the space where it will be installed. Check the wattage and BTU (British Thermal Units) rating to ensure it matches your room's size.

  4. Thermostat and Timer: Look for a model with a built-in thermostat to help maintain a consistent temperature in your space. A timer feature allows you to set the unit to turn on or off automatically, enhancing the convenience and energy efficiency of your electric log burner.

  5. Safety Features: Safety is paramount, so ensure the electric log burner has safety features like overheating protection, cool-touch surfaces, and a tip-over switch. These features help prevent accidents and provide peace of mind.

  6. Remote Control: Many modern electric log burners come with a remote control, making it easy to adjust settings and flame effect from a distance. This convenience adds to the overall user experience.

  7. Installation and Portability: Consider how easy it is to install the unit. Some electric log burners can be freestanding, while others are designed to be wall-mounted or inserted into an existing fireplace opening. Choose the option that suits your space and needs.

  8. Design and Aesthetics: The appearance of the electric log burner matters, especially if it's a focal point in your room. Select a design that complements your décor and personal style. Some models offer interchangeable log sets or decorative features.

  9. Energy Efficiency: Look for an energy-efficient model that will help you save on electricity costs. Energy-efficient electric log burners use less power to generate heat and flames.

  10. Maintenance: Consider how easy it is to clean and maintain the unit. Models with removable and washable filters or easy-access components make maintenance more straightforward.

  11. Noise Level: While most electric log burners are relatively quiet, some produce a gentle fan noise when in operation. If you're sensitive to noise, read reviews and choose a model known for its quiet performance.

  12. Price and Warranty: Compare prices and check the manufacturer's warranty to ensure you're getting a good value for your investment. A longer warranty period often reflects the manufacturer's confidence in the product's durability.

In summary, a good electric log burner should provide a realistic flame effect, efficient heating, safety features, convenience, and aesthetics that suit your preferences and space. Carefully assess your needs and preferences to choose the best electric log burner for your home.

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